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Princess Viray

Managing Director


Princess joined Boustead Securities as a Managing Director in 2020 and began her career at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management after 15 years as an academic researcher and higher education leader at the University of Vermont.  
Prior to acquiring her FINRA licenses at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, she developed and led a $15 million international Pre-Master’s program to recruit students from China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, and Korea. 

She is a published academic scholar and author of two books, and several articles. During her doctoral studies she was asked to be a global cultural bearer within the Ilokano ethnolinguistic indigenous hand-tap tattooing community.

Her combination of interdisciplinary leadership and her knowledge of global communities and their markets positioned her to enter the financial industry as a trusted advisor to higher education faculty leadership and researchers, global cultural arts equity groups, and institutional business development consultant. 


Princess is a graduate from the University of Vermont with degrees in Social Work and Interdisciplinary Studies and has completed her doctoral studies in Education Leadership and Policy. 


Holds FINRA Series SIE and 7 licenses.

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