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Business Valuation

Boustead and our affiliates Business Valuation Group is able to utilize its expertise in business analytics and valuation to properly assess both the qualitative and quantitative merits of your business and come to an accurate fair-market valuation. Boustead and our affiliates' team excels in fairness opinions, business valuations, earn-out valuations, intangible and IP valuations, testimonies and buy/sell agreements. Your business valuation is developed using the latest valuation techniques, not simply some multiple based on an “industry rule of thumb.” Let us guide you in assessing your business’s value and begin addressing the key value drivers that determine its worth.

Service Offerings

  • Sale Price Determination

  • Fairness Opinions

  • Earn-out Valuations

  • Intangible and IP Valuations

  • ESOP Valuations

  • Tax Valuation

  • Succession Planning

  • Exit Strategy

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