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Firm Overview

About Us

Boustead & Company Limited is a diversified financial services firm headquartered in Irvine, CA with offices in Austin, Boca Raton, San Francisco, New York, Beijing, London, Mauritius, Monaco, Singapore, and Zug. Boustead & Company Limited and its affiliates offer mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, project finance, pre-transaction advisory, financial restructuring, sales & trading, crowdfunding, and business valuation services to emerging growth and middle-market companies.

Firm Focus

Boustead and our affiliates are focused on achieving results for business owners and operators through four main avenues:

  1. Accurately determining the current fair market value of their business

  2. Advising owners on concrete value drivers to grow and maximize enterprise value

  3. Actualizing their business’s value in the capital marketplace by creating opportunities for liquidity

  4. Tenacious execution

Our clients benefit from Boustead and affiliates insight, expertise and global reach with distinguishing institutional ties.

Areas of Operation

Investment Banking

Boustead and our affiliates provide a broad range of investment banking services to emerging growth and middle-market corporations, as well as financial institutions. Services include strategic advisory assignments with respect to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate restructurings, spin-offs, risk management, fund financing, acquisition financing, project financing, initial public offerings (IPOs), and debt and equity private placements.  These services include local and cross-border transactions.

Business Valuation

Boustead and our affiliates utilize our expertise in business analysis and valuation to properly assess both the qualitative and quantitative merits of your business and come to an accurate fair-market valuation.  We offer services with respect to business valuations, fairness opinions, earn-out valuations, intangible and IP valuations, financial reporting, tax valuation, expert testimony, sale price determination, succession, and exit strategy.

Financial Restructuring

Boustead and our affiliates seek to apply creative solutions to your businesses most challenging issues.  Whether it be returning a company to profitability or salvaging viable assets, our services are offered with respect to recapitalizations of debt and equity, distressed M&A and special situations, out-of-court reorganizations, DIP and exit financings, chapter 11 restructuring, and 363 sales.

Pre-Transaction Advisory

The Pre-Transaction Advisory Group is highly skilled at allocating investment resources, reducing risk, and increasing the certainty of key decisions. Our services include business exit value enhancement, strategic alternatives, corporate restructuring, and debt advisory.

Sales & Trading

Through our affiliates, we offer equity and debt capital markets access, sales and trading services, including, IPOs, follow-ons, CMPOs, PIPEs, private placements, reverse inquiry/blocks, investment-grade bonds, loans, hybrids/preferreds, high yield bonds, credit default swaps, ABS / MBS, distressed debt, converts, and euro markets.


Through our affiliates, we represent ‘Modern Investment Banking’ and the Future of Capital Markets with the acquisition of the Sutter Securities Group and the funding platform is a crowdfunding platform for equity offerings that empower issuers from startups to IPOs to raise capital from potentially everyone.

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