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Keith Moore

Executive Chairman BCL, CEO SSG


Keith Moore, founder of Boustead & Company Limited has led Boustead and its affiliates through numerous acquisitions and strategic transactions since 2006. Prior to Boustead, Keith founded numerous technology and service companies. Throughout his career Mr. Moore has served in various executive capacities from micro-cap to Russell 1000 companies, including Activision, Inc., and POPcast Communications Corp.


From 1996 through 2007, Mr. Moore served in Chief Executive and other executive capacities for POPcast Communications Corp. and iTechexpress, Inc., overseeing their respective strategic growth and capital raises. From 1991 through 1996, Mr. Moore served as President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director and Consultant of Activision, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), recognized as the international market leader in videogames. Mr. Moore was a founder of International Consumer Technologies Corp. and was Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Director since its inception in July 1986 until its merger into Activision in December 1991.


Mr. Moore earned a B.S. in Accounting and a Masters in Finance from Eastern Michigan University.

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