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World Industries acquired CSS Mailorder

Updated: Feb 28, 2020


World Industries (“World”),is a skateboarding company founded in 1987 that offers skateboarding products, accessories and clothing to its loyal customers.  World Industries engaged the Principals of Tellson to identify an acquisition target who could provide added infrastructure and corporate growth to World’s existing platform.  The Principals of Tellson completed the assignment by arranging an acquisition of CSS, because of CSS’s direct relationship with World’s consumers and the revenue growth potential through CSS’s e-commerce infrastructure.

CCS Mailorder (“CCS”), is one of the oldest skateboard and snowboard e-commerce company in the world, offering a wide array of products to its loyal followers in the action sports space. The acquisition of CSS by World Industries was a natural fit, matching the preeminent skateboard and snowboard manufacturer with the largest e-commerce distributor of action sports products in the world.

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