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Give Yourself A Tax Cut

Proactive Tax Reduction Planning


Tuesday, May 11th 
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT


As a successful business owner, it’s likely you have wondered at times if you’re doing everything you can to manage wealth as tax efficiently as possible, while reducing taxes, expenses and risks.  Major companies like Apple, Amazon, Chevron, Starbucks, Verizon and others make billions in revenue, yet pay little or no taxes.   

Discover the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team of national tax specialists who can help implement similar tax savings strategies as approved by the IRS Tax Code. Taxes are typically one of your biggest business expenses. Proactive tax reduction planning is the key to keeping the most of what you make.  

Register now and receive a complementary analysis to understand ways to optimize your tax efficiency for growth and profit.  

Who Should Attend

Business Owners Who:
1.  Currently own an active operating business
2.  Pay more than $50,000 in taxes 
3.  Retain personal control of finances and decision-making 

4.  Would like a second opinion.

Webinar Presenters

Donna M. Adam CFP®
Advisory Solutions
Boustead & Company Limited*

Donna has been a CFP® for more than 30 years and hosts Boustead & Company’s Business Wealth Solutions for Entrepreneurs, a series of informational webinars on comprehensive wealth management topics.  


She is the founder of Wellington.Group, a consulting firm with a team of national specialists who provide integrated tax, legal, estate, business exit advisory and charitable planning solutions. By accessing one point of contact to this team, business owners can receive a customized analysis to reduce risk, business expenses, income, estate, and capital gains taxes.   

stone II.png
S. Craig Stone II, JD, CPA 

Stone Law Offices, Ltd.

Since 1993, Craig and his team have been helping clients organize their business and personal affairs by providing income and estate tax, charitable and business planning, asset protection and wealth transfer solutions that are appropriate for their clients’ unique needs, concerns, and commitments.


Craig’s practice emphasizes a “values-based approach.” He views his role as more than just an attorney, and is a counselor and coach assisting clients to fulfill their goals and dreams by applying his cutting-edge technical expertise and professional knowledge to design and solve the issues and concerns that come with significant business success. 

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*Investment Advisory services provided by Sutter Capital Partners, LLC


Disclaimer: This is not legal or investment advice. Opinions are solely of the presenter or individual and do not necessarily reflect that of the company. The information discussed herein may not be applicable to or appropriate for every person and should be used only after consultation with professionals who have reviewed your specific situation.

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